[What's New] Joanne Peh Unveils Her Flipping New Hair At #GETSASSOONED Event By Vidal Sassoon

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Hi Huneybees,

Sometimes don't you just wish you have multiple clones of yourself to help you run around? It was a pity I missed the #GetSassooned fashion show that day, looking back at the photos, it was a colourful event and I guess it time I give my hair the chops?

It was Singapore’s first #GETSASSOONED event by Vidal SassoonHeld in partnership with Creative Director of Hairloom and Sassoon Academy-trained hairstylist, Calvin Gan, local fashion designer Mae Pang, and hosted by local musician Sara Wee, not only were the models transformed,  Singapore’s first Vidal Sassoon ambassador Joanne Peh as well as Fly Entertainment artiste Oon Shu An presented their Sassooned Looks on the runway. They were inspired by classic Vidal Sassoon cuts, but modernized by Calvin.

Saw Michelle at the event and we shyly asked Utt for a photo together. :)

At the event, we also saw the introduction of the Vidal Sassoon Elastica Premium Hair Care Series. It is designed to allow women to effortlessly recreate the salon look at home, injecting every strand of hair with elasticity to bring any hairstyle to life.

Can't wait to give this series a try...
So, here's the photos from the fashion show. Everyone's hair were chopped off with a fresh new coat of colour, especially Joanne Peh's. It's definitely a younger and more vibrant version of her!

Photo from stylexstyle.com
Photo from stylexstyle.com


[Tried & Tested] Clear Your Acne Prone And Oily Skin With Benzac

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Hi Huneybees,

Acnes are always a irritating fellow. Not only does it affect our looks, alot would also agree if I say it affects the self esteem as well. Well, if you are troubled by acne, Benzac might be the solution for you. It is a skincare range recently launched by Galderma - targeting at treating adult /youth acne problems.

Some of the best acne treatment therapies may produce clear skin in some acne sufferers but only exacerbate the problem in individuals with combination skin types. As acne sufferers have different skin conditions ranging from normal, sensitive, oily to combination, the new range of Benzac cleansers and scrub aim to complement the current Benzac AC® treatment gels by removing impurities from the skin and unblocking pores, leaving your skin nourished and soothed.

So, I got my hubby to try the range of products sent over to me, as I didn't have much of acnes to work on. Hehehe...

So, he embarked on a 5-day journey to see if Benzac works for him. Firstly, using the Benzac Daily Facial Liquid Cleanser to cleanse his face twice a day. 

Then, he used the Benzac AC®5 Gel on the affected acnes twice a day. It blends into the skin, so you don't have to worry that you will see white spots all over your face. Moreover, there is a cooling effect when applied, hubby said that it's pretty refreshing especially in the mornings!

What's so special about the Benzac AC® Gels is that they contain the active ingredient, Benzoyl Peroxide. Benzoyl Peroxide is an antimicrobial that has keratolytic action (unblock pores) and is able to quickly and effectively kill Propionibacterium acnes (P-acnes) bacteria within 48 hours. Unlike antibiotics, bacteria have not been able to become resistant to benzoyl peroxide.

In addition, the Benzac AC® Gel is specifically formulated with Acrylates Copolymer (AC) beads to absorb excess oils (sebum) that can carry bacteria, thus reducing surface sebum and it also releases glycerin, which helps to moisturize dry and irritated skin. The Benzac AC® Gel is available in several different concentrations -2.5%, 5% and 10%.

After using the products for 5 days straight, I can see an improvement in my hubby's skin. The acnes are less and his skin is definitely less oily. He doesn't even need to blot his face that much and he's loving it! He has been using the products ever since and he was glowing for Chinese New Year!

Benzac® Range of Daily Cleansers and Treatment Gels are available at the following selected pharmacies: Guardian, Unity and Watsons.

For further information on the Benzac® range, please visit www.facebook.com/BenzacSG and www.twitter.com/BenzacSG.


[Get The Look] Celebrate Valentines' Day With Gummi Nails

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Hi Huneybees,

Valentines' Day is coming in a few days' time and every lady will be dressing up for their dates. With the perfect dress and makeup, you might also want to doll up your nails. But as you have just went back to work from the Chinese New Year break, you don't have the time to head over to the nail palour, here's a solution for you.

I have introduced Gummi Nails before and here is their exclusive V'day special design - Mon Amour. Inspired by the city of love - Paris, Mon Amour makes a statement of love with stylish graphics, kisses, hearts, lipstick, French beret and vintage perfume in a monochromatic palette with red accents.

These are 100% real nail polish wraps and they are super easy to apply. And if there are creases, you can simply lightly lift it up and paste it back down before filing off the extra. Once done, simply seal it with top coat and you are set to go with nail colours that can last up to 14 days! 

Each Gummi Nails 100% real nail polish kit comes with 20 nail wraps, a mini nail file, a cuticle stick and step-by-step application guide on the packaging.

I love that each nail is coated with different designs and I got my nails done within minutes! I don't have to sit hours in nail parlours, waiting for the artist to draw on my nails, I can get everything done in the comfort of my home. Even if you date's tonight, you can simply get your nails done during lunch break!

Priced at SGD16 each, Mon Amour is available online (www.gumminails.com) and ships worldwide. They are also retailing at Zalora.sg and Rockstar by Soon Lee. More information can be found on their website and stay informed on their social media platforms...

Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram/YouTube: @gumminails